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safedrop is a great USB replacement

· security,file transfer

Loads of people still use USB’s to carry around files they need anywhere. But because of security issues, they increasingly don't work. Well here’s a plan, just use a safedrop!

You can keep the address on a bit of paper if you like, its really secure, and it works on anything, including your 4 year old mobile phone - with 2FA and password security, backed by a UK Government accredited business.

Here’s how to do it

Send yourself a safedrop with these options
- expiry - never
- password - something you’ll remember
- recipient verification - off (or on for max security)
- Important - choose “I’ll send the link myself”

Then add your files (you can always add more to this later)

use safedrop as a USB drive

When the drop is created get that link. If you want to make it more memorable, paste it into to make it shorter.

Now, just stick that link into your phone, and you can get your files from anywhere, with 1 click. Simples!

Here's an example I made earlier - check it out -

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