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Domain verification comes to safedrop!

Domain verification is an amazing new feature for safedrop. We all work with companies, and we trust companies with our data. So why do you have to name every single recipient on an email? With safedrop you don't. With safedrop domain verification, you can send sensitive documents to whole companies, not just individuals.

How does it work?

Let's say I'm sharing a secure document with my lawyer Sam at Acme Lawyers. They'll probably need to send it to their assistant and then to the wider team to get the relevant work done quickly. Sending the safedrop with domain verification means they can just forward it to their team, and they can access it - no drama, no need to send another secure bundle. But the document is still safe - if they send it outside of their firm, it will be blocked automatically.

Domain Verification

Another example would be if you are sharing disclosures with the Police. Rather than share with one person in Cleveland Police for example, give the all email users access. The audit trail will tell you each person that accessed, and magic links will verify their police address before they can access the safedrop. (Note: safedrop is great for this, as you can shared things before you redact them, but stop downloads, prints or copying!)

This will be a great time-saving measure for many and be a lot less hassle for your recipients. They simply enter their email and access your safedrop. It could be a court bundle, or sensitive client data. Either way, recipients will have a simple way to securely access the items you've sent.

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