about us

safedrop has been developed by Od Consultancy Ltd, the same team that have have provided ultra secure dataroom service PROJECTFUSION.com since 2001.

We’re a small firm headquartered in London, UK. We started out building websites for bluechips like BT, and started our secure extranet service in the late 90’s. After 2001 we focussed our business on secure data sharing products, and have been happily self funded and profitable since. Our PROJECTFUSION dataroom was the first virtual dataroom in Europe, and continues to facilitate thousands of M&A transactions worldwide.

We love simplicity and security, and hate the unnecessary printing, couriering and paper pushing that still seem to pervade business, even in 2011! We’re working with government, schools and councils in the UK to send sensitive files; healthcare providers to manage patient data; and with Banks and corporates to send financial data. All online, all secure, and all virtually carbon free.


Angus Bradley – MD Angus spent years at Ford, and then Nomura, before setting up Od in 1997. He’s a keen sailor, and lives on England’s south coast.

Jim Scott – Jim is our non exec, based in Denver Colorado. Years of M&A experience with UBS mean he’s very familiar with the requirements of legal and financial. He’s a mean skier, and still plays competitive ice hockey.

Lead admins (these are the only 3 guys who have access to our servers)

Mark H – uber geek sys admin and developer Mark is based in Melbourne, where he photographs (film of course, no digital), cycles, and is talking about RFID tagging his chickens.

David D – David used to be an accountant and tax advisor. He saw the light years ago, and is now happy to be hacking in Python, and occasionally even drops back to C++ or Java.

Olly S – Olly worked at General Dynamics before coming to safedrop. He’s a Python evangelist, and writes nicely, with lightweight tomes like “Hyperion — Next-Generation Battlespace Information Services” to his credit!

Design & Admin

Molly & Kathryn manage our accounts. Molly is demon at chasing unpaid debts – watch out!

Simon P – Simon (from fluff.co.uk) has given us our UI, and is a great wordpress wizz to work with.